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I'm Maciej, a software/security engineer. I am passionate about computer science, building things (mostly for the web) and celebrating the joy of programming.

Most of my projects are released open source so you can freely modify or improve them.


Science development is important nowadays, therefore I am writing papers on subjects such as mathematics, computer science and cryptography.

  1. Chaos Machine: Different Approach to the Application and Significance of Numbers
  2. Czyzewski Variation: Forgotten Hypermodern Chess Opening



Tea, Neovim, macOS, Macbook Pro, Tabs, Scss, Nginx, Spotify, iTerm2, Girls


Maciej Anthony Czyzewski, Maciej A. Czyzewski, M. A. Czyzewski, M. A. C.
@maciejczyzewski, @_czyzewski

People call me MAC, because it's hard to pronounce polish name Maciej.